Opening hours

Working days 8.00-14.30
Breakfast 8.00-9.30
Lunch 10.30-14.00


We are closed in July 1.7.-28.7.

We open normally on 29.7.


Restaurant NOVA MAUKAS, located on Tietotie 3 in Espoo Otaniemi, has room for 96 customers and serves home-made breakfast & lunch made with fresh ingredient. We prefer organic, domestic and locally produced ingredients and use MSC-labelled fish only. The most important values ​​of the family-owned company are quality, sustainable development and employee well-being. In daily operations, the customer always comes first. Our service is individual and is constantly being developed based on customer feedback and wishes.

Breakfast is served on weekdays between 8:00 and 9:30. For breakfast, you can find self-baked organic rolls with fresh vegetables & selections of cheese & cutlers,  organic porridge, organic juice, organic milk, organic coffee and organic tea. 

You can enjoy lunch from 10:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. The buffet lunch includes a rich and fresh salad table, soup, vegetable and meat/fish dishes, a small sweet of the day and coffee/tea. A vegan option with desserts is also available daily. If you have a more challenging special diet, let us know your wishes in advance and we will prepare a full lunch for you. You can also buy soup, portion salad, salad table or vegetarian lunch separately from us at a cheaper price. Of course, without forgetting the take away option. We prepare the food ourselves.

Our professional pastry chef conjures up fresh organic rolls for breakfast and lunch, and also bakes the yeast-free 100% organic rye breads and gluten-free rolls, not forgetting tasty desserts. 

Our filter coffee is the excellent Gran Palomar from family owned roastery Cafetoria and a selection of organic tea comes from Clipper.

To become the best restaurant in Otaniemi we need your help. Please tell us your opinions, give us feedback, share us your improvement ideas. All this you can do by either talking to us on face to face, writing in our feedback book or by sending us an email ( or We really appreciate your efforts!

The most sunny and smiling staff will greet you at MAUKAS. So please take all your friends and colleagues along and come pay us a visit, everyday! :)

At MAUKAS you can pay with cash, VISA, Mastercard, ePassi, Edenred-cards, -vouchers and mobilepay, SmartumPay and Smartum vouchers.

For children, our restaurant has a hight chair.

Cats and dogs are welcome to our restaurant. Please, keep furry customer on leash.  :)


Atte, Jenna, Juuli, Yusef, Uliana, Päivi and Miia&Tapsa


We are closed in July 1.7.-28.7.

We open normally on 29.7.

Happy summer!


G = gluten free
M = milk free
L = lactose free
KA = includes egg
SE = includes celery
PA = includes sweet pepper
PÄ = includes nuts
SO = includes soy
VS = includes garlic
* = also allergia free option available from the kitchen



Lunch prices

Lunch buffet 12,50 €
salad buffet, soup, warm courses, bread, drinks, small sweet of the day, coffee/tea

Vegetarian lunch 11,10 € 
salad buffet, soup, vegetarian course with sides, bread, drinks, small sweet of the day, coffee/tea

Soup of the day 10,50 €
salad buffet, soup, bread, drinks, small sweet of the day, coffee/tea

Salad portion 11,60 €
salad buffet, salad portion, bread, drinks, small sweet of the day, coffee/tea

Salad portion & small portion of soup 12,50 €
salad buffet, salad portion, small portion of soup, bread, drinks, small sweet of the day, coffee/tea

Salad buffet 9,10 €
salad buffet, bread, drinks, small sweet of the day, coffee/tea


Acceptable payment methods are cash, VISA, Mastercard, ePassi, Eazybreak, Ticket Lounaskortti and mobilepay and vouchers and also with Smartum vouchers and mobilepay.




The tasty breakfast is served on working days between 8 and 9.30 am. The breakfast includes self baked organic buns and gluten free bund with fillings, organic porridge, organic juice, organic milk, organic coffee and organic tee.
Price list
Breakfast  8,50 €
Organic coffee/tea & bread roll & juice  7,50 €
Organic coffee/tea & bread roll  6,50 €
Organic bread roll  4,50 €
Organic porridge  2,00 €
Organic coffee  2,50 €
Organic tea  1,50 €

*  also home made gluten free bred rolls available





You can order wonderful sweet or savory treats for your party from us, as long as you can pick up the products yourself or your event will be held at Tietotie 3. Unlike the restaurant on Vuorimiehentie, Nova Maukas does not have the option of delivery.


Regarding catering orders and products, you can contact us by email at or by calling 050 566 4567. 


Table reservations during lunch time are possible only in our bigger restaurant at Vuorimiehentie 5. For more information, please contact or 040 7050157.


In our daily operations & activities, we strive to burden the environment as little as possible and to minimize all the food waste. We always use ingredients from start to finish: bread left over from lunch is made into croutons, broccoli stalks are used in puree soups, and the left over from vegetables have been given to small farms we know to feed animals. Used cooking oil is collected and passed on so that biofuel can be produced from it. In addition to bio and mixed waste, we also recycle plastics, glass, cardboard and metals separately.

All of our food is prepared from fresh ingredients on site, and taking into account the harvest seasons. In our kitchen, the electrical appliances are not turned on for nothing and the water is not drained except when necessary. All the detergents we use are nature-friendly and our work clothes are organic cotton.

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